26 FEB 2020 – LifeWave NOW – Webinar!

26 FEB 2020 – LifeWave NOW – Webinar!

LifeWave has an entirely new approach to activating stem cells in the body. It is not a drug, it’s not a nutritional supplement. It’s a completely new way of taking advantage of stem cell technology. So let’s dig into this first so you can understand why our method is so much better and so much different than anything else you’ve heard of before.

Our technology is phototherapy, so instead of trying to put a drug or a nutritional supplement into the body, we can activate stem cells with light and we do it all with a patch.
The patch does not contain any type of ingredients that go into the body. If it did, that would be what’s called a transdermal patch. Instead, we use a non-transdermal technology.
That means no ingredients go into the body.

Instead, the patch is stimulating the surface of the skin with light. This is a technology that CEO David Schmidt invented and patented and currently he has about 100 patents that have been issued and pending that are global.

You can simply apply the patch just about anywhere on the body and it goes to work.
The two locations that we recommend for convenience are one on the back of the neck and the other is below the belly button. So, what happens? You apply the patch to the surface of the skin and the patch is immediately activated by body heat.

Keep in mind that body heat is a form of light, infrared light and this will activate the patch and cause it to reflect very specific wavelengths of light that will stimulate the surface of the skin.
In science, this is called photobiomodulation and it’s an area of phototherapy, but it simply means that when we stimulate the skin with light we can cause very specific chemical reactions in the body. Just think about how the Sun causes the body to produce vitamin D. It’s the same biochemical process.

We use very specific wavelengths of light that are reflected by our different patch products.
Of course, today we’re going to focus on the X-39. But each patch has different materials in it that reflect different wavelengths of light. These will again stimulate the surface of the skin and this stimulates the nerves so when we’re stimulating the nerves we can then send a signal through the body that will produce a very specific biochemical change.

So, in the case of the Sun, ultraviolet light is used to cause the production of vitamin D, but we can use other wavelengths of light to produce other biochemical changes and this is what Lifewave is all about. So, then the question is, what benefits can you get from using the X-39 and what is the X-39? What is it all about?

Well, Lifewave has been around since 2002 and we have a line of phototherapy patches.
We have patches that are designed to improve energy, improve focus, improve physical performance, anti-aging, and other things as well.

And the X-39 is similar to these other patches in that the X-39 is going to elevate naturally occurring compounds in the body that, by the way, would normally decline with age.
But the X-39 is completely different than any other product and as a matter of fact, it’s the third generation of our Lifewave patches.

The big thing that you’d want to know about the X-39 is that people refer to it as our stem cell patch because this is a patch that’s designed to elevate what’s called a peptide which is known to activate stem cells. If you’ve seen any of the testimonials, then you already know the benefits of elevating this peptide and activating stem cells are absolutely stunning. We’re going to talk about that a little bit now.

The first thing that you’d want to know about the X-39 is that it does produce an immediate effect.
This is really unusual for a product and it’s certainly very unusual in our industry. However, one of the things that people love about the X-39 is that you can often feel it the very first day of use.
Now, what’s going on here?

Well, one of the things that the X39 will do is increase the production of antioxidants and decrease inflammation. People often feel an improvement in their energy levels, a reduction in pain and an improvement in their overall well-being.
There are other benefits as well. Most people will notice within the first few days of using the X-39 that they see significant improvements in their quality of sleep. So, more energy when we are elevating antioxidants in the body.

We can also upregulate or increase the amount of energy that the cells produce.
This is a very powerful anti-aging effect and the way people see this is they notice their very first day that they’re not as tired or as fatigued by the end of the day. So, this is a benefit you can get from the X-39 your first day or within your first few days of using this patch.


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