5 Proven Tips For How To Get Rid Of Aging Spots Naturally | Anti Aging Tips – Remedies One

5 Proven Tips For How To Get Rid Of Aging Spots Naturally | Anti Aging Tips – Remedies One

5 Proven Tips For How To Get Rid Of Aging Spots Naturally | Anti Aging Tips – Remedies One

Staying in good shape not only enhances your looks but also have a better functioning body.

Today’s video will discuss 5 Anti Aging Tips For Men.

1) Eat less but better,

People who don’t eat to excess live longer and have fewer health problems, research indicates. So avoid putting unnecessary strain on your system by cutting portions and making sure what you do eat positively benefits your body.

There’s no need to starve yourself, simply learn to eat more slowly and learn to recognise the signs you’ve had enough rather than eating until you are stuffed. It takes practice but will help increase your energy levels, cut your food bills and shrink your waistline.

Aim to eat more green and red vegetables – high in anti-oxidants, they help battle the free radicals that can cause disease and lead to premature ageing. Oily fish is another dietary superfood containing Omega-3 fatty acids that help with heart, eye, joint and brain health. Try to eat 2-3 portions a week.

2) Think skin,

Help minimise your wrinkles by drinking more water (why not down a glass every time you reach for a cup of coffee or tea, and match your alcohol intake glass for glass with water too?), and adopting healthy sun habits. Slapping on suncream at the same time as you put it on the kids both sets a good example and keeps you safe from the ageing – and potentially ous effects – of UVA and UVB.

How you fight aging, Let me know in our comment section below.





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