A Week on WW Freestyle – food, points and exercise – October 27 2019

A Week on WW Freestyle – food, points and exercise – October 27 2019

In this video I’m showing my week of eating on the WW Freestyle or Weight Watchers freestyle plan.

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Sample Lunches:
– A large bowl of roasted cauliflower or broccoli with a lot of siracha and a couple of eggs, either boiled or scrambled.

– Low or zero point spicy black bean soup

– Low or zero point chili

– A salad or zero point soup with two pieces of low point toast spread with two servings of Laughing Cow cheese and topped with two scrambled eggs with salsa.

Sample Dinners:
– Low point chili topped with some cheese and/or 0% plain greek yogurt

– roasted chicken breast with veggies on the side

-low point veggie curries (eg. the chickpea channa masala from the Yum and Yummer cookbook)

Sample snacks:
-veggie sticks served with dip made from 0% plain greek yogurt mixed with “just add yogurt” seasoning to make dip

-chopped up apple mixed with 0% plain greek yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon


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Melissa Joyce FAQ

Q: Is Melissa Joyce your real name?
A: Melissa is my first name and Joyce is my middle name – so yes!

Q: What qualifications do you have to review makeup and skincare?
A: Nothing formal but I’ve started to learn more about makeup and skincare over the last two years. I consider myself an amateur but an enthusiast and my reviews will help a non make-up artist see how a product might work for them.

Q: What is your real job?
A: I’ve been working in not-for-profit organizations for 15 years.

Q: What kind of skin concerns do you have?
A: My skin is combination where my T-zone gets oily. I have pores I would like to minimize and some skin redness. I’m also in my late 30s so wrinkles and anti-ageing is a concern. Oh and I do get break-outs from time to time. So I have a bit of everything!


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