Anti Aging Face Cream for Men By Baldwin

Anti Aging Face Cream for Men By Baldwin

Amazon over-compressed my review ( so I’m posting it here so people can see it better.

Quick summary: expensive but very good cream/lotion. Worth it? Your call. But definitely a great product.

Original review text:
Ugh. I’m in a tough spot, because (a) I really like this, but (b) I received it at a discount, so (c) you’ll think I’m shilling.

I’m not.

I readily admit that $30 (or whatever the price is for this at the time you read the review) is a lot of money for a lotion, and it’s especially a lot for “anti-aging cream” when marketed to men. Is it worth it? I don’t know, but I do know that guy in the product photo is 86, so maybe.

Anyway, in all seriousness, I got this for review for one reason: I’d previously only reviewed items I’d received and liked and didn’t review the bad ones, leading people to think I just 4-5-starred everything (when, in reality, I just didn’t review the others). So… and this pains me to say it, but I accepted this, thinking it would be possibly terrible and something I could righteously 2-star upon my return to reviewing after so many months off to prove that I don’t like everything.


Luckily (for me), I also got some mediocre 3-star headphones, because I can’t give this cream anything less than 5 stars. It goes on *great*. It makes my hands and face feel *great*. It works for a long time. It doesn’t have much of a scent, and even that fades quickly. It works better than any other lotion I’ve tried on the dry spots on my hands, and it works well on my face also – doesn’t leave it oily or shiny, sinks in quickly, and does a great job.

It’s $30. I’m guessing that’s about a buck a day, maybe $0.50 a day. It works really well. If you’ve got $30 to spare for a great lotion, then this is highly recommended. If you are fine with $10/gallon lotion, then, well, this isn’t for you. I’ve tended to use the cheaper lotions, and I must admit: if all the more expensive ones are like this, then it’s worth the difference to have something that actually does what you want it to do.
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