#Antiaging Skincare Routine Tips & Treatment- Suggested by Top Dermatologists

#Antiaging Skincare Routine Tips & Treatment- Suggested by Top Dermatologists

Aging reflects the dynamic effects of time on the skin. Due to #aging, the skin loses collagen and elastin fibers, which results in loss of facial fat and elasticity. One of the vital substances important for skin health is #hyaluronicacid, which also reduces over time. This affects skin tone, fat distribution, and facial contour. The common signs of aging include:

• Open pores
• Loose skin
• Dry skin
• Dull skin
• Sagging cheeks
• Puffy eye bags & undereye circles
• #Finelines & #wrinkles
• Thin skin
• Age spots
• Liver spots
• Thinning lips

Besides aging, there are some factors which may trigger the process of aging and results in early signs of aging, such as:

1. Sun exposure
2. Diet
3. Stress
4. Smoking & alcohol
5. Pollution

Aging process cannot be avoided. However, one can choose to age gracefully by adopting certain measures. One must incorporate skincare and #lifestylechanges to reduce the effects of aging.

In this video, we will be covering:

01:00 Triggering factors that worsen the symptoms of aging
01:20 Skin changes that occur due to aging
01:53 Skincare tips and tricks which can help one to reverse the aging effects
02:18 Lifestyle and #dietary changes that one must follow in their daily routine
04:10 A night time #skincare routine that one should follow before going to bed
05:21 #Collagen peptides which trigger the synthesis of new collagen fibers
06:43 Advanced anti-aging treatments that can help one to look younger

Watch the video to know about these #antiaging measures and follow them properly to see some significant changes in the skin.

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She was actively involved in clinical research and academics at the hospital.

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