Antioxidant, Antiaging, Supplement. The most Powerful in the world!

Antioxidant, Antiaging, Supplement. The most Powerful in the world!

Protandim is the world’s most powerful antioxidant supplement. With over 40,000 peer-reviewed articles by highly educated free radical biologists and doctors around the world. Life vantage is the only company that can legally make the claim that its product Protandim is proven to reduce cell aging by 40% in 30 days.

There is not another network marketing company with a product that has this amount of scientific data, evidence, peer-reviewed articles, human clinical trials, over 1 million articles written alone on super oxide dismutase, which is one of the key antiaging enzymes within your body that Dr. Joe McCord was awarded the Elliot Cresent Metal for discovering almost 40 years ago.

Again, Life vantage is the only company within the anti-aging and antioxidant field that can legally make the claim that its product can reduce cell aging by 40% in 30 days. This is a huge claim that no genewize,monavie, usana, xango or any other company for that matter can claim.

If you consume antioxidant supplements I would love to speak with you and put protandim into your hands for $40 a month. We are looking for distributors to join our organization and introduce a superior product into $1 trillion per year Industry. If you are currently in monavie,usana,xango, asea, asai, or any other network marketing company within the health and wellness industry I promise you that you want to take a look at life vantage. With this product and the undeniable, evidence to back the claims of the company life vantage is positioned to literally make the antioxidant industry obsolete overnight.

Please visit for more information and wonderful videos that will paint a picture for you on on how Protandim works, and why it is completely different than any other product in the realm of free radical biology.

My name is Adam Dimora and I am a top distributor within life Lifevanatge, my team is called “Lifevantage Team Builders”. We have a group of individuals that literally travel the country doing professional business meetings, setting up conferences, taking conference calls, and training are on how to sell Protandim into $1 trillion per year industry that desperately needs a product that works. I invite you on a quick journey that could literally change your life with health and wealth.

I look forward to speaking with you call me anytime at 707-330-1325.

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