BIGGEST WEIGHT LOSS SECRET REVEALED I Lymphatic system drainage using rebounding

BIGGEST WEIGHT LOSS SECRET REVEALED I Lymphatic system drainage using rebounding

How trampoline helps in weight loss? Rebounding helps in draining the lymph which is the important factor in weight loss. Lymphatic system collects extra fluid that is seeped out of capillaries and takes it to the heart for circulation. Clogged up lymph causes body fat and cellulite. Rebounding using trampoline is helpful to stimulate the lymphatic system. . It works at every single cell of the body, like brain cells. Adrenal cells or skin cells. Rebounding helps is removing stagnated material like dried blood, estrogens, fiber lytic materials, toxins, acids, excess albumin, and cell debris from the liver. The benefits of rebounding is beyond weight loss and muscle toning. You can do it every day for 20 minutes medium high bouncing on both the feet, 3-4 inches off of the mat. And just repeat the pattern.
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DISCLAIMER: This video is intended for general knowledge only and is not intended to replace any medical advice. Please consult your medical practitioner before starting any program.


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