Botox Injections 💉| Antiaging Skin Treatment #Botox #botoxforskin #antiagingtreatment #fillers

Botox  Injections 💉| Antiaging Skin Treatment #Botox #botoxforskin #antiagingtreatment #fillers

#botoxforskin #botoxundereyecircles #botoxbeforeandafter #botoxforhair #botoxantiaging #botoxformigraine #botoxinjections

Botox of botulinum toxin type A comes from the bacterium clostridium botulinum and is a neurotoxin which is medically used to treat muscular conditions.

It is most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment, with more than 6 million Botox treatments administered each year.

The drug is extremely useful in the treatment of facial wrinkles, severing sweating in the underarm & palms and other neurological conditions. When we repeatedly use our facial muscles, it can cause wrinkles due to the aging and reduces in the production of collagen and elastin. Botox is a muscle relaxant injection used to soften wrinkle lines, frown lines and crow’s feet.
When the solution is injected into the treatment areas, it arrests the movement of the muscles and prevents creasing, making the face appear free of wrinkles.

Botox can also be administered in combination with dermal fillers. Botox is a safe and effective non-invasive treatment with effects lasting for at least 6 to 8 months.

Botox can be used for the cure of the following:

– Cervical dystonia
– Muscle contractions
– Chronic migraine
– Bladder dysfunction
– Eye twitching
– Cervical dystonia
– Excessive Sweating

There are various side effects of Botox:

– Headache or flu-like symptoms
– Dryness of eyes or excessive tearing up
– Droopy eyelids
– Pain, swelling at the injection site

The effects of Botox will vary from person to person and wears off after 3-4 months.


Experienced Doctor with a demonstrated history of working in the medical practice industry. Skilled in Healthcare, Singing, Dermal Fillers, Hair Restoration, and Medicine. Strong healthcare services professional with a Doctor of Medicine – MD focused in Dermatology & Hair transplant from Maulana Azad Medical College.

Dr. Shail Gupta is a multi-talented, avid music composer, songwriter and lyricist who generates powerful compositions on social issues especially centered on Women Empowerment. He has been instrumental in bringing positive transformations to his patient’s lives.
His songs make a statement and create an incredible impact on people and society. As a Life Coach Dr Shail understands the challenges of creating a balanced, healthy lifestyle and helps his patients to create a road map towards health & vitality.

Professional Affiliations:

• Delhi Medical Council Reg. No.00080
• Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists(IADVL).
• Association of Cutaneous Surgeons of India (ACSI).
• Cosmetic Dermatology Society of India (CDSI).
• Association of Medical Implantologists, Italy.
• American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, USA.
• Associazione Italiana Medici Implantologi
• American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).
• ISHRS, Associate member.

Scientific Coordinator in Dermacon -2005

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