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Resveratrol Supplement Anti Aging

List Of Supplements that I recommend for maintaining great health: Vitamin D3: Vitamin K2 (MK7): Budget Friendly CoQ10: More Active Form of CoQ10(Ubiquinol): Multi Vitamin(From NOW): Multi Vitamin(From Optimum Nutrition): Vitamin B12: For Diabetic patients, to contribute in controlling sugar levels: Chromium Picolinate: Alpha-Lipoic Acid: Magnesium: Bragg Oraganic Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar: Olive Leaf…

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SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: This week Dr. Axe is joined by fellow chiropractor and expert in Eastern Medicine, Dr. Chris Motley. Tune into learn about how zodiac signs relate to the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine and how these can affect our health and nutrition. PS – I understand that we all have different religious…

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