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Alcohol (ethanol, ethyl alcohol, SD alcohol or alcohol denat) is one of the most controversial ingredients in skincare. You might’ve heard that it speeds up aging, kills skin cells, and creates inflammation. But are these just more #skincaremyths? What do the studies actually tell us? How bad is alcohol in skincare, really? Watch this video…

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Today we’re talking about skincare ingredients you need for winter, and this came from an article from AEDIT, in which two cosmetic chemist were interviewed and shared their opinions on ingredients you need in your winter skincare routine. I hope you enjoy this chemist thoughts skincare ingredients and what ingredients to incorporate into your skincare…

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Our fabulous and luxuriously rich hemp-extract cream goes on more smoothly than anything you’ve ever experienced, working in deeply for dramatic results. Do you want to get your skin back to its youthfully smooth and sexy glow? Our cream’s amazingly synergistic properties target multiple skin types; sensitive, dry, mature, and stressed. Our hemp extract is…

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