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Longevity Myth Busting – Aubrey de Grey

Resveratrol human studies have a big problem that we need to talk about. Resveratrol is a supplement in the anti aging world make famous by researchers such as Dr David Sinclair, and this video explores the latest human research. Here are the links to the research papers referenced in the video: Resveratrol is…

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#skincare #Dryskin #maturewoman Today I am sharing my updated WINTER skincare routine. Keep in mind I switch up my products according to what my skin needs…I am not using these products each day…What’s in your current skincare routine? La Roche Posay Toleraine Gentle Cleanser Avene Thermal Water Biologique Recherche Masque VIP O2 Biologique Recherche Lotion…

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SHOP OUR GOOPGLOW 20% VITAMIN C + HYALURONIC ACID GLOW SERUM: This new daily glow serum combines two skin-care powerhouses, L-ascorbic acid (proven in research to be the purest, best-for-skin form of the antioxidant vitamin C) and moisturizing hyaluronic acid (a hydrator that’s naturally present in the body). The unique two-part design maximizes potency and…

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Hello everyone!! My name is Venus and I’m a total makeup and beauty freak and if you feel the same about beauty and makeup then welcome to my YouTube family ! Let’s grow together… 🙂 For Business Inquiries/Collaborations – #diyvitamincfacepack #diyvitaminctabletskinbrighteningfacepack #diyskinbrighteningmask #vitamincbenefitsforskin #diyvitamincfacemask #howtousevitaminctabletsforskin? Today I’ll be sharing with you an easy DIY…

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