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D Citrine’s Anti-aging Beauty Secrets Tips | Review | Care

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: I’m covering David Sinclair’s new book, “Lifespan: Why We Age—and Why We Don’t Have To.” Contained here are some interesting theories and discussions about aging and age-related diseases. I also touched on the topics of Valter Longo’s Prolon FMD (fasting mimicking diet), vitamin K2 carboxylation and vitamin K2-dependent enzymes, inflammation tests (Hs-CRP,…

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15 FASHION TIPS TO HELP YOU LOOK YOUNGER/LOOK 10 YEARS YOUNGER/ SPEPTEMBER 2019/fabulous 50s MY SOCIALS – INSTAGRAM – FACEBOOK – EMAIL- MISHA’S SOCIALS – YOUTUBE – INSTA – Welcome to NiftyAfterFifty with Mumma Grimes and farewell to the midlife crisis! This channel is dedicated to those who believe that “Growing old is mandatory;…

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