Dermarolling | Anti Aging Skin Care

Dermarolling | Anti Aging Skin Care

Dermarolling | Anti Aging Skin Care, Mature Skin Care, Skincare Over 50
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This video is sponsored by Sdara, all opinions are my own.
Dermarolling is one of the processes I’ve been wanting to add to my skin care routine. Just when I was thinking about looking into it, Sdara, a Dermarolling company contacted me. Don’t you just LOVE it when the Universe serves things up in such a wonderful way?? I’m so thrilled to be partnering with Sdara on this video. They have a beautiful product line at a fabulous price point! Join me as I walk through my Dermarolling process, step-by-step while I share the important things you’ll want to know before you get started! #over50 #skincare #maturebeauty #prettyoverfifty

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