Do Laser Facials Really Work? – Nadine Baggott

Do Laser Facials Really Work? – Nadine Baggott

I have had a few laser facials and I wanted to let you know what I think of them. Can they shrink pores, give skin back its bounce, lift a sagging jawline, get rid of broken capillaries and redness or blast away age spots and pigmentation? And are they really worth all of the money?

Here is my honest take on the ones I have tried and some pictures of me having the treatment.

My go to laser specialist is Debbie Thomas who trained with the best of the best including Dr Nicholas Lowe.

She is a firm believer that lasers can be targeted to boost collagen and to get rid of large pores, acne (not that I’ve tried this), redness, rosacea, sun damage and lines.

She is smart and very knowledgeable and uses an array of machines to tailor make your treatment for your skin. She also believes that you do not treat skin problems with a single treatment but a course of less invasive gentle treatments over time, giving skin time to heal.

I also mention my skin care/retinol/ peel facial guru who is Kate Kerr – who got me started on my ‘peeling party’ retinol regime – but I will vlog with her too, I promise.

And the Collagen Wave Facial is part of the services offered by HD Beauty – find them here – I will vlog this treatment too with lots of close up before and afters … to show the line plumping effect.

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