Doing Core Exercises Every Day Does This To Your Body

Doing Core Exercises Every Day Does This To Your Body

Can it prevent injuries? How about improving your posture? Wait, do core exercises actually make you smarter? We’re talking all that AND more. Let’s begin…

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1. Prevents Injury – 00:24
2. Strengthens Your Diaphragm – 01:44
3. Makes You Smarter – 02:45
4. Improved Athletic Performance – 04:12
5. Improves Your Balance – 05:24
6. Improves Your Posture – 06:55
7. Become Muscular – 07:56


1. Prevents Injury
Doing regular core exercises can lower your risk of hurting yourself. Think about it… Getting injured while exercising is not only embarrassing, but a severe injury can put your life on hold completely. This is why you need to do what you can to keep this from happening.

2. Strengthens Your Diaphragm
Just so there’s no confusion, let’s first clear up what your diaphragm actually is. The diaphragm is a dome-shaped, skeletal muscle sitting between the chest and abdomen. It is the primary muscle used for respiration.

3. Makes You Smarter
Exercise has many benefits outside of building muscle. So many in fact, we still don’t know the full extent of its ability. Especially, when it comes to brain health.

4. Improves Athletic Performance
A strong core is key to better athletic performance. Just let a professional runner tell you. Regular core exercise is linked to higher levels of overall strength and endurance. In fact, sit up tests are regularly used to measure a person’s endurance level. Let’s quickly breakdown the difference between strength and endurance.

5. Improves Your Balance
Tight-rope walkers, take note! Core exercises allow you to maintain a better balance. On the chances you AREN’T in the circus, there’s still good news! We can all enjoy this benefit.

For more information, please watch the video until the very end.

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