Illuminating Facial Serum How To | All Natural & Vegan Skincare | For Dry / Mature / Sensitive Skin

Illuminating Facial Serum How To | All Natural & Vegan Skincare | For Dry / Mature / Sensitive Skin

↠Illuminating Facial Serum is for↞
Skin Types:

⬩Harsh Winters
⬩Desert Climates/Low Humidity
⬩High Elevation

Skin Concerns:
⬩Dullness, Roughness, Flakiness
⬩Visible Finelines, Wrinkles, Hyperpigmentation
⬩Visible Redness & Blemishes

How To Use:
1. Start on clean, damp skin – Damp skin allows the facial serum nutrients to go deeper into your skin
2. Squirt ½ pump of facial serum – Listen to your skin and adjust accordingly (see tips below)
3. Mix with a few drops of water
– Why mix with water? –
Because our All Natural & Vegan Illuminating Facial Serum is formulated without fillers or water, you don’t have to worry about exposing your skin to irritating preservatives, emulsifiers, thickeners, stabilizers, or artificial fragrances. Mix serum with water during application. Your skin needs the right balance of nutrient-rich lipids & water to truly glow ✨
4. Gently press into your skin – Face, Neck, Chest, Hands, & Cuticles. That’s it! 🙂

Skincare Tips:
⬩Avoid rubbing or tugging your skin to prevent unnecessary inflammation
⬩With our facial serums, you are able to tailor the ratio of serum to water depending on what your skin needs as it changes with the seasons, climates, hormones, diet, etc.
= Feeling dry? Use more serum compared to water
= Feeling greasy? Use more water compared to serum
It takes a little practice to find the right balance for your skin. You can simply apply with wet hands or on damp skin, whichever you prefer!
⬩⬩Watch our How To Video for helpful tips⬩⬩

Illuminating Facial Serum can be used AFTER:
⬩Cleansing or
⬩Water-Based Products

⬩In the Morning: Don’t forget your SPF!⬩

Illuminating Facial Serum can replace:
1. Hydrators
2. Moisturizers
3. Treatments
4. Boosters
5. Eye Creams

↠Sensitive Skin Friendly↞
Reduces Number of Products → Reduces Skincare Steps = Less Irritation

Little goes a long way with our filler-free, multi-purpose, concentrated products!

Having an effective, simple, & nourishing skincare routine will allow you to go #FoundationFree 💗

Oily, blemish-prone, clogged skin? Check out our How To Video on Toning Facial Serum!

My Serum Routine – Illuminating Facial Serum majority of the year mornings and nights then I switch to a lighter Toning Facial Serum in the mornings during the hot/humid seasons like summer when our skin tends to be greasier with the increase in temperature.

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