KayaKalpa: Secrets of Age Reversal – Part 1 | Yoga for Age Reversal, Longevity and Immortality

KayaKalpa: Secrets of Age Reversal – Part 1 | Yoga for Age Reversal, Longevity and Immortality

Kayakalpa: Secrets of Age Reversal Part 1 by Artistic Yoga Guru Dr. Bharat Thakur, is all about the use of Yoga for Age Reversal, Longevity and immortality. KayaKalpa, immortality is the trip of the human being from generations together. From Cleopatra to Chinese Empress Wu Zetian and Princes of Scotland Mary tried putting their whole life into looking younger and pretty. Immortality is also one of the major areas of research of modern science.

When research of telomerase opened up to the world, everyone thought that reversing of Age is no more a secret, but there are no humans trials. Science is also working on modifying ageing genes with the use of certain chemicals, still the research on primary levels.

But yogis in India found the science of immortality and named it as KayaKalp. Research of Dr Kaku says that ageing process of the cell happens because of the air. Yogis have worked on the air in depth, the prana, the apana, the samana, the udyana are the type of air present in our human body. And how working on appan vayu can make you look quite younger than your biological age. Yogis devised breathing patterns and techniques that could affect the ageing process.

Longevity is the soul aim of the pranayama. To look younger yogis prescribe the yogic diet that actually improves collagen which is 75% of your skin cell which in return brings elasticity to the muscles and skin.

Research today proves that, if our food intake is reduced by 30% then we live 30% more longer. Yogi’s method of fasting prescribed in Kayakalpa helps a human-being leave longer and younger. Human Growth hormone, this is the only clue science has got closer to anti ageing. How safe it is to inject the human growth hormone artificially and its adverse effect is yet to be proven, yes for sure your organ size will grow but also if someone’s cancer cells are not detected at the early stage these cancer cells will also grow rapidly. But yogis have also understood the natural ways to induce human growth hormone.

Human growth hormone is released in the body during our sleep. Yogis have taught the art of Yog-Nidra of sound sleep which helps in the release of hormones naturally. My effort of twenty years into reducing weight, making people younger curing disease and teaching art of meditation with a lot of my research in the field I am now talking about the process of age reversal that is Kayakalpa.


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