LED Light Therapy Your Secret To Anti-Aging – All Your Questions Answered + DEMO

LED Light Therapy Your Secret To Anti-Aging – All Your Questions Answered + DEMO

Hey Everyone!
Today we are talking about all things LED. This video will explain what LED Light Therapy is, what LED does for your skin and how to incorporate this treatment into your skincare routine at home. I’ll show you all my tips and tricks for making the most of this amazing therapy in addition to product recommendations to use with LED lights. I’ll give you a demo of how to use NuFace’s Trinity Wrinkle Reducing Attatchment. And if you don’t already own an LED light, I’ll show you my recommended top three devices.

It’s A LOT of information! Here’s a quick guide if you want to jump ahead:

0:46 What is LED Light Therapy
1:15 Light Waves Explained
2:40 Visible and Invisible Light Wave Lengths
4:36 Benefits of Red Light
5:19 Benefits of Amber Light
5:34 Benefits of Blue Light
6:06 Benefits of Infrared Light
6:24 How To Use NuFace’s Trinity Wrinkle Reducer
7:27 Device Tips and Tricks
10:15 Contraindications
11:10 Why Does Your Device Beep
12:12 Thyroid Conditions and Light Therapy
14:10 What Is Oxidative Stress
15:53 My Antioxidant Serum Recommendations
17:06 LED DEMO
19:42 NuFace’s Routine
20:38 My Routine
22:51 My Recommendations For At Home LED Lights
24:38 Recap


FIY – I’m unfortunately not sponsored by any of these companies. I just love their products.

Products I used in this video:

NuFace Trinity + Attachment
Trinity Wrinkle Reducer
Luzern Labs Recover Oil
de Mamiel Intense Nuture Antioxidant Elixer
Amala Rejuvenating Eye Cream

Antioxidant Serums to use with LED Light Therapy:

Simply Radiant Beauty Resveratrol Firming Serum ($35)
Sircuit Skin Oraia Anti-Aging Intensive Regenerating Complex ($135)

Best LED Lights to use at home:

Nuface Trinity Wrinkle Reducer
LightStim for Wrinkles
LightStim for Acne
Project E Beauty 7 Color LED Mask

Thank you Joovv Light for making awesome videos full of such great info!
They make a cool home light for full body treatments in three different sizes.
If you guys want more LED info check this out:

Clinical studies on Light Therapy and Oxidative Stress:

LED Light And Green Tea Cream Smooth Facial Wrinkles

Resveratrol Prevents High Fluence Red Light-Emitting Diode Reactive Oxygen Species-Mediated Photoinhibition of Human Skin Fibroblast Migration

OMG you guys! I can’t believe I actually put this out today. It’s been a crazy week! Feeling super pumped that I’m keeping to the 12 week challenge as hard as it might be. 8 weeks to go! The blog did suffer but I’ll have that up by tomorrow at the latest.

Thank you for all of your continued support!

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Katie, The Organic Esthetician

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