Nail care & nail fungus essential oil natural remedies health & healing with rose lavender tea tree

Nail care & nail fungus essential oil natural remedies health & healing with rose lavender tea tree

Finger nails being made of keratin like hair & skin does require some care to be healthy, strong & attractive. Massaging with rose essential oil softens, hydrates, rejuvenates & increases circulation helping stimulate nail growth. Gently massaging the cuticles while enjoying the essential oils beautiful fragrance with a favorite hand cream is a plus.
Vitamin E & lavender essential oils come together assisting with strengthening nails with providing a healthy natural glow.
Nail fungus be it fingernail or toenails spreads if not taken care of. It is best to seek professional assistance though it does not hurt to try natural at home remedies first. Tea tree essential oil is great for this as it penetrates beneath the nail edges & surrounding areas skin. Using the treatment three times a day or as needed is recommended.
Clove treatment for fungal infection is great. There are so many uses for clove actually. It is the same as using tea tree oil as far as the application. Clove has been usd since ancient times by the Greeks, Chinese, Romans to sweeten their breath & ease toothache or dental woes. Clove relieves pain speeding healing. It eases respiratory problems while still being highly aromatic & prized for the ability to impart sweet, spicy flavors to foods.
Clove can be used in a bath or shower, diffused, massaged, diluted for ailments, for muscle pain & stifness just to mention some.
Precautions should be taken too with pregnancies & on children. Also may cause skin irritation. Be sure too if the essential oil is for internal use if consumption be the choice or go for the whole clove or powder version.
Clove is a great natural insecticide too.
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