Niagen NAD+ Changed This Carpenters Life

Niagen NAD+ Changed This Carpenters Life

Edit 12-2018: Here’s the Amazon Niagen page – The company I was getting it from no longer has an affordable option so I just get it online now.
I was surprised the video had so many views. I haven’t revisited this page in years. Thanks everyone!
End Edit:
Today I felt compelled to tell people about something I discovered.
This video is not endorsed or paid for by anyone. Niagen NAD+ has simply changed my life for the better..
Now I don’t know the science behind Niagen all I know is it works for me.

I first heard about Niagen on a local TV show called Chronicle. Its a TV magazine show in New England. They where focusing in on the bio tech industry in Boston. Its huge. Everyday we hear about breakthrough nano and cell research for new medicine.

So NAD+ is absorbed into the body on the cellular level, When given to mice it’s been show to actually reverse aging. If combined with removing old cells and treating with NAD+ the results could be, Let’s say ” the fountain of youth” could be found.

Did you know that most people in the trades are injured at least once before they are 50. If you have a bad injury and have chronic pain going back to work is next to impossible.

Call it Fibromyalgia, Arthritis or simply your getting old. You can live again. I’m living proof.

Be advised that the FDA has not approved any drug or supplement for NAD+

What Live Cell Research says about it’s product:

“Niagen is the first product ever developed containing pure nicotinamide riboside, the only substance proven in multiple studies to increase levels of NAD+ in your body. For this reason, Niagen has been hailed as a groundbreaking discovery that has changed the way we view aging…forever.”

Pretty strong statement.

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