Perfectio now available at DermDox Dermatology Centers

Perfectio now available at DermDox Dermatology Centers

Hi, my name is Lauren Ax. I’m a Physican’s Assistant
here at DermDox Dermatology and today we’re
gonna talk a little bit about the Perfectio.
It is an anti-aging treatment that is non-invasive,
non-surgical that we offer here at the office. It
is a red and infrared dialed light therapy.
It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to do the whole face,
neck and décolleté areas. It has been researched by
NASA and studied by Princeton University.
Studies show that patients will see results in the first
one to two months after doing two to three
Patients love this procedure. It’s only warm to the
touch heating up to about 107 degrees increasing
the blood flow and circulation and increasing
collagen and elastin production…
as well as decreasing the melanin in the skin for
patients who have melasma. We do two treatments
for the first month, so one every two weeks and then
monthly thereafter.
Do you need to see the Dermatologist NOW.. but an appointment isn’t available for MONTHS??
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