The Best Super Food To Reverse Hair Loss, Signs Of Aging, Acne, And Wrinkles

The Best Super Food To Reverse Hair Loss, Signs Of Aging, Acne, And Wrinkles

Anti aging foods come in all shapes and sizes but one of the few that gets thrown out more often than it is consumed is watermelon seeds, which are an ultimate anti aging treatment.

Watermelon seeds are one of the most nutrient-rich foods in the world. They are able to reverse or remove wrinkles, get rid of age spots (also referred to as Sun spots or solar lentigines), stop and sometimes reverse hair loss (alopecia or pattern baldness), and even correcting erectile dysfunction in men. Watermelon seeds are also an effective acne treatment, that few people know about.

Aging skin is something that we will all experience at some point in our lives. Hair loss (pattern baldness or alopecia), acne, and other signs of aging (age spots/sun spots, eye wrinkles, sagging skin, neck wrinkles, crepe skin, crows feet, cracked skin, dry hands, dry skin, deep wrinkles, sagging breasts, etc) are almost always inevitable.

Watermelon seeds are more effective at addressing these issues long term than anti aging creams, Botox, Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane, breast implants, body sculpting, the best eye creams, Derma pen, dermal filler, cosmetic surgery, co2 laser skin resurfacing, Lap Band, laser skin treatments, any products from Clarins or Mario Badescu or Neutrogena, an oxygen machine, Retinol, wrinkle treatments/wrinkle injections, a toner, or even therapeutic essential oils.

Anti aging treatments like the ones mentioned in the above paragraph are never as effective as watermelon seeds because of how long they last. Watermelon seeds are highly nutrient-dense; they contain magnesium, iron, folate, B vitamins, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, copper, manganese and zinc. Watermelon seeds also contain an impressive 8 grams of protein per ounce. They are also loaded with the good fats: unsaturated and monounsaturated. These fats reduce the cholesterol levels in our bodies, prevent and sometimes reverse effects of strokes, heart attacks, and even congestive heart failure. Watermelon seeds also contain enzymes and phytonutrients in HUGE amounts, which assimilate to slow down the aging process and even reverse aging.

Anti aging nutrition is the secret to reversing wrinkles, reversing hair loss, getting rid of acne, eliminating age spots or sun spots, and other signs of aging. Watermelon seeds are one of the best anti aging secrets that few people know about.

Sprouted watermelon seeds are the healthiest form to consume but raw watermelon seeds are also good. They are not expensive at all. They are more cost effective than what you would spend at anti aging clinics, anti aging doctors, on anti aging procedures, anti aging medicine, face fillers or face lifts. Even Clinique anti aging and Cindy Crawford anti aging can’t do what watermelon seeds can. The reason being that watermelon seeds, when consumed with other superfoods such as algae supplements, jicama, sea vegetables (kelp; fucoidan), and green leafy and cruciferous vegetables, can detoxify the body and eliminate the aforementioned ailments.

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