Why Collagen Peptides Won’t Work

Why Collagen Peptides Won’t Work

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Not seeing the results you were hoping for with your Collagen Peptides? 7 Key Reasons why Collagen Peptides Won’t Work and you could be wasting money. Before you buy Collagen Peptides products watch this video!
I’m breaking it down for you before you buy and explaining:

*How your habits could be aging you
*Why spending money on Collagen Peptides could be a waste
*Personally experienced using various different Collagen Supplements for 2 years
*Making the right choices to get the results you desire


0:00 Does Collagen Peptides Work
0:04 Am I wasting money on Collagen Peptides
0:07 Why Collagen Peptides isn’t working
0:17 Burning Money
0:25 Unhealthy habits
0:32 Stay Body Positive
0:34 Staying Body Positive
0:36 Positive Body, Mind & Spirit
0:48 Not cleansing your face properly can speed aging
1:12 Massage to stimulate Collagen Production
1:15 Body Brushing
1:19 How face brushing works
1:26 Why Collagen Creams don’t work
2:10 Foods to fight aging skin
2:20 How diet affects your skin
2:25 Foods that stimulate Collagen Production and improve skin
2:35 Foods rich in sulfur to aid Collagen Production
2:46 Vitamin C for skin
2:48 Vitamin C and Collagen Peptides
2:53 Foods that fight free radicals
3:06 How smoking ages the skin
3:20 Smoking effects on the skin
3:40 Sugar causes wrinkles
3:54 How sugar ages skin
4:15 Natural Sugar Alternative
4:17 Monk Fruit Extract
4:28 Quit sugar but still enjoy sweets
4:38 How water boosts Collagen Production
4:50 Tips to stay hydrated
5:10 Foods to help your skin stay hydrated
5:25 How much water should I drink each day
5:30 How much water should I drink each day
5:42 Cheap Collagen Peptides
6:08 Collagen Peptides for IBS, GAPS, AIP and SCD
6:09 AIP diet
6:10 GAPS
6:11 SCD diet
6:12 IBS
6:13 Collagen Peptides and gut health
6:30 Supplements and Collagen Peptides
7:10 Get the most from your Collagen Peptides
7:35 Intermittent Fasting Facebook Group
7:40 Keto Facebook Group
7:45 Keto for beginners
7:46 Keto Book for beginners
7:47 Stop Bitching Eat Keto Lose Weight – Keto planner on Amazon
7:55 Free Keto Coffee Recipe
7:56 Collagen Peptides Coffee Recipe

The information presented in this video is strictly informational and not meant to replace the advice of a medical professional. You should consult a health care professional familiar with your specific case, concerns & conditions prior to starting any new supplement, diet or fitness regimen.

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